Privacy Policy

Our privacy statement explains how the website works. Also tell about how we collect, and secure personal data. Our privacy statement will inform you of your rights and choices. Concerning the use and sharing of your personally identifiable information.

How do we gather data from consumers?

We get data about the client through assortment of means, such.

What would we done about the information that you provide?

We make sure that all the personal data is only used to provide details regarding your account. And helps in its operation. You may check out using your account. And save your choices & payment history.

This information is to makes sure that our passengers are using official website. We use user information to promote behaviour-based advertising and get a review.

With the ways mentioned above, we utilize the data provided passengers in different ways:

How will we protect the data you provide?

Our website main purpose is to save a users' personal details. We used cutting-edge electromagnetic and administrative security approaches. So, we can safeguard our users' content. Our website restricts access to users' information. No one can see your personal information. Only certain staff members & employees of organisation. All are well-trained and trustworthy. Who can provide you with finest service can access your information.

Cookie Collection

When most websites are visited, little fragments of text are saved. It goes in the user's computer or mobile device as cookies. Cookies are to deliver, secure, and maintain the Website's fundamental features. Such as keeping you logged in when you browse our Site. And providing you with better user experience.

Policy Changes About Privacy

If we make changes to our policy. It can be about the information we collect and use. We will put them in this Privacy Policy and notify you. As a consequence, you must read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. In order to stay up to date. With our most recent policies and modifications.