Is Allegiant able to accommodate passengers with peanut allergies?

The airline is all aware about material to which the passenger are allergic. Some passengers are allergic to some materials like tree nuts, and peanuts. Allegiant are not confirmed if all of the passenger are free from allergy. The food which is provided to the passenger on board aircraft may fill of substances like nuts. Also it may happen that food which is provided is processed in presence of nuts. The airlines cannot prevent other passenger from bringing nuts and/or products that contain nuts aboard. Service animals & pets are also transported by the Allegiant in cabins.

It is the responsibility of each passenger to understand the risks of allergens. They should take any medication they may need. Pre-boarding is available for allergy sufferers. To clean the immediate seating area for allergy sufferer. In order to reduce exposure, they will try to rearrange the seats.

It is also allowed for customers to bring food onboard the aircraft. As well as products made in facilities that may process peanuts or products derived from peanuts. Allegiant cannot be responsible for customer bringing’s on board the aircraft. Also It is not confirmed that the customer products are peanut-free.