How to Select Seat on United Airlines?

For the majority of flights operated by United and United Express. You can select a seat or change. Your assigned seat via The United app, or your travel agent. There are no open seats. You can return closer to departure time to see. If any have opened up.

United Airlines seat selection

First class and economy are the two cabin classes offered. On the majority of United Airlines flights offers these two classes. Even, you could also find business class along with premium economy seating. It based on where you're heading.

It doesn't matter what class you are in. You can pick seat from the available options. But the price and costs will vary according on your ticket and other circumstances.

What is the United seat selection fees?

Basic economy

Tickets for basic economy do not include free seat selection in any cabin. You can choose to pay for a seat assignment. Only, in exchange for less expensive tickets. Otherwise, you can wait until check-in. To have seat given to you at random.

Families and groups purchasing basic economy tickets will not be seated together. But, once more, they have the option to pay to guarantee a nearby seat.

Standard economy

Those purchasing a standard economy class ticket. Then they can thankfully, reserve a seat for free. Although the selection of seats may not be ideal. In this situation, clients have the option to keep their economy class ticket. But have to pay extra for nicer seats.

Preferred seating

Better-positioned seats than those on regular United economy flights. These are available on preferred seating aircraft. Although they are often located towards the front of the cabin. The seats are the same. These are the least expensive paid seat upgrades. It is offered on United flights. But preferred seating prices do vary based on the specific itinerary.

Economy Plus

These are situated immediately beneath first class seating. It comes with regular economy cabin. On premium international trips, they provide complimentary things. It includes drink, alcoholic beverages. Also, a greater legroom than standard economy seats. The cost related to these seats is higher than that of the preferred seats.

Premium plus

United offers their premium economy service. It is known as Premium Plus. It is offered to only few flights. Although not as excellent as United's international business class. This is still preferable to economy class. Those who reserve a Premium Plus seat, they will be eligible for complimentary seats in this cabin.

United first and business class

Similar to Premium Plus.Business or first-class travellers get to select any seat in the cabin for free.

How to select a seat on United Airlines?

A seat selection prompt will appear immediately. When you will book flight online. You will complete your passenger details. Just after choosing your flight.

You may be able to purchase cheaper bundles. It is possible only at the time of checkout. But it depends on your specific flight. These could be less expensive. Rather than selecting extras one at a time. But you should check the prices beforehand.

Last minute ideas for choosing seats on United Airlines

The seating arrangements on United Airlines might be complicated. Particularly if you're purchasing an economy ticket. As long as you're flying on a United-operated airline. As opposed to one run by a partner.


You can select a seat at no cost throughout the booking process. If you purchase at least a basic economy ticket. Although certain United elite members will get access it. These superior seats for free. You may also pay to get better seats. Customers travelling in basic economy. However, will always have to pay to choose a seat.