How Do I Change My Name on a United Airlines Ticket?

Would you like to change your name on ticket of United Airlines? Well, this can be easier as United airlines have made changes in their policy to change name on the ticket. The update have made it easier for the passengers to change their name on tickets. Read this article till end to know details about the name change process, eligibility and more.

What's the Criteria of United Airlines Name Change Policy?

In order to change your name on a your tickets, you must meet some eligibility criteria:

  1. The Flight’s tickets you booked, should be exclusively operated by Airlines.Also, the corrections is made only for the segment of United Airlines.
  2. Name corrections are not allowed after completing the United Airlines check-in process.
  3. The ticket inventory must start with code 016.
  4. Only one ticket reissue is permitted for correcting names on United Airlines flights.
  5. Minor name corrections during travel are allowed, provided that the ticketed name matches the government-issued photo ID.
  6. Changing the passenger's date of birth and gender is not allowed when requesting a name change on a United Airlines ticket.
  7. Changing the date of birth is permitted. But, only for minor rectifications. Which can made during the booking.

As per their, policies one can cancel the bookings only within twenty hours of reservation. After that one can book a new ticket. Traveller can also change their name one tie easily. However, in the case you want to repeat the process, in that case you must read the name change policy.

What Documents Required for United Name Change Request?

To request a name change with the United Airlines, you typically required the following documents:

  1. Valid Identification document issued by government, such as passport or driver's licens
  2. Marriage certificate or Divorce Decree is required for name changes due to marriage or divorce.
  3. In case of legal name change requests may require validation from court.
  4. For minor’s name change requests require documents like guardianship papers or date of birth certificate may be needed.

Name Change on a MileagePlus Account

Do you would want to modify their name on your MileagePlus account? Please make sure that your name is exact as written on the government-issued ID. Which you will represent at the airport. It is a rule by TSA Secure Flight program. The regilations include:

  1. Minor name changes or corrections, such as fixing first or last name spellings, can be done without additional documents and fee.
  2. If you want more significant changes in your name then you should write a letter for requesting them to do the same, with some legal papers that will be submitted as a proof of your new name.

How to Request a United Airlines Name Change?

If you wish to request a name, change with United Airlines, passengers can use the following methods:

Online Name Change Request:

  1. Search for "My Trips" section on the official website of United Airlines website.
  2. Now insert the 6-digit confirmation number and the last name of passenger, now click on 'search' tab to book it.
  3. Now, log in to your united airlines account.
  4. Once you reach to booking, find the option related to “Name Correction” and click it.
  5. Just follow the instructions on screen and do your name change request, which may need of correct name and other require document.
  6. Don’t forget to review the information.

Name Change through Customer Service

  1. Contact United Airlines customer service via phone.
  2. Explain your situation and the need for a name change.
  3. Provide your booking confirmation number, ticket number, and current name on the ticket.
  4. Clearly state reason for name change.
  5. Requirement of supporting documentation.
  6. When the request is processed, you will get informed by the customer service representative of your outcome.

United Airlines Name Change Fees

The United Airlines Name Change fees vary depending on the type of name change request.


You can easily change your name in united airlines by following simple steps. The procedure has been made easy. In case you want to change your full name, or would like to do some modifications. Once can simply proceed with it without any difficulty. The airlines is dedicated for its customers. We want to provide them a smooth experience through out their journey.