How Do I Get Wheelchair Assistance with United Airlines?

Are you looking for a wheelchair at the airport while you are flying with United Airlines? Then, not to worry airline's motto is only to offer comfortable journeys to its clients. Through reading this post you will get all the details about the services offered by the airline and you can also read about How can an individual get a wheelchair at the airport.

How can I make a United Airlines wheelchair request?

Wheelchair help can be easily requested on United Airlines. Here's how to accomplish it:

  1. Online Booking: If you have booked a flight with United then don’t worry rather than economy class you will get wheelchair assistance for all classes. You just need to follow the order mentioned in the online booking reservation strategy.
  2. Contact Accessibility Department: You can contact the United Airlines Accessibility Department online. Simply go to the internet address and select the reservations tab. They will now make a specific note of your wheelchair request in your booking.
  3. 3. Airport Support: Once at the terminal, seek out the United Airlines employees. To contact airline staff and mention you need a wheelchair then airline staff will assist you through wheelchair service till you board your flight.

What are the easiest procedures to get a wheelchair at the terminal?

  1. When you enter the airport inform the airline staff that you need a wheelchair then the airline employee will offer a wheelchair service to make your travel comfortable.
  2. You can request a wheelchair just by dialing the airline number.
  3. Passengers holding economy class tickets can request wheelchair assistance over the phone. To do so, call United's agent at least 48 hours before your departure. Follow these steps:
    1. To discover the customer service number, go to the Contact Us tab on the corporate website of the airline.
    2. Make a call to the United Airlines helpline and adhere to the IVR instructions.
    3. To speak with an agent, select the IVR's ninth option.
    4. Give the United operator the information they need to set up assistance with a wheelchair for the person traveling who needs one.

Making Use of United Airlines' Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair services are provided by United Airlines at no additional cost. They take wheelchairs of all makes and models, collapsible or not, powered or manual. Wheelchairs that collapse can be stowed in the aircraft's cabin, while larger models are housed in the cargo area.

Take these actions to get the most out of United's wheelchair service-

  1. Visit and click on "Travel Information."
  2. Select "Special Travel Needs."
  3. Tap on "Customer Wheelchair Information" to provide essential details.
  4. Enter your name, the chair's serial number, chair type (powered or manual), battery type, chair weight, key-operated status, brake mechanisms, collapsibility, detachable parts, and any extra instructions.

What are the types of Wheelchair Services?

United Airlines offers two primary types of wheelchair services:

Wheelchairs at the Airport: All United airports have special chairs for people who have trouble walking. It's a good idea to ask for one of these chairs a long time before your flight. You can call the special United Airlines help desk to ask for one. Or, when you get to the airport, you can talk to one of the airport staff to get a chair.

Wheelchairs on Board: All airplanes with more than 60 passengers’ wheelchairs are available. you can access the restroom using a wheelchair that's why they are on board. And if you need any assistance with a wheelchair, the onboard staff is ready to help.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you are using wheelchair assistance from United Airlines, here are the things you should keep in mind:

Wheelchair assistance is a vital component of United Airlines' mission to give every traveler the most comfortable, easy, and efficient travel experience possible.


If you are afraid of traveling with flights due to lack of service or some other stuff, then you should consider United Airlines for once. These flights try to make everything easy for customers so they can have a smooth traveling experience. Before booking your flight make sure to go through all questions which you have query to avoid hustling at the last moment.