Can I change the name on my allegiant reservation?

Allegiant Airlines will accept name changes resulting from marriage, divorce, or other legal occurrences. As long as they are accompanied by appropriate documents. However, there is an exemption for name changes. That entail giving the tickets to a different individual.

If your last name has changed. Or if there has been a spelling error before your flight. You need to get in touch with Allegiant Airlines Reservations. To that end, here are three methods:

In case you find any spelling mistakes in your name or you have changed your name. Then, make sure to contact the with Allegiant Air. Or you can contact your agent. When you contact them, do keep your confirmation number close to you.

While minor name repairs are normally free, name changes are frequently subject to costs.

There are offices for Allegiant Airlines all around the nation. You can update or rectify your name at any Allegiant Airlines office in your region. Do carry the required paperwork Such as; the marriage certificate, and divorce papers. In case of the government-issued picture ID bring; passport or driver's license. There is a name change cost, except there is a little typographical error.

Transportation Security Administration rules states, that every name must be visible precisely. Just like they appear in the government IDs. Which includes the driver's license and passport etc. In order to avoid name-related mistakes. In case the name on your ticket does not verify with the picture ID on your ID. You will not be allowed to board the flight.